Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Emma's Dance Recital

Boy am I behind on the blog! I may catch up someday, but for now here's Emma's dance recital from tonight! Someday I'll figure out how to transfer video to my laptop and there will be more to see!
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Four-Wheeling and Fishies!!

After a long search we found our new toy! A 2011 Polaris Ranger Crew. These are very hard to find and I ended up calling every Polaris dealer from Pocatello, ID to St. George and from Tooele to Mountain View, WY. There were a few stores with red 2011 models left, but we really wanted green. When I called Mountain View, WY they said they had a camo one :) even better. They were able to transfer it to their store in Morgan. We picked it up on Sat. August 13th and were off on our first trip :) Corey wanted to take it up to the Cedar Hollow Trail in the Uinta's. The trail starts on the Woodland side and ends up on the Mirror Lake Highway. We were having blast until we took the wrong trail!! We still got to the Mirror Lake Highway, and on a much shorter route. Shorter, but extremely difficult!!! One of the forums we read (when we made it home safely) stated that this is one of the most difficult trails you will ever take your ATV on!! Poor Emma was traumatized due to us tipping the UTV at one steep turn on the trail. I think Corey and I were too :) We have since learned our lesson and took a trip down to the Utah State Dept of Natural Resources for some maps :) The next day we decided we needed to erase the bad memories from the previous day and go out for an easy ride. This time we started at Ant Flat road near Monte Cristo in Weber County and drove the 13 miles over to Hardware Ranch. From there we joined up with the Shoshone Trail in Cache County where we drove along Baxter Sawmill Road for about 6 miles. A MUCH better trip than the previous day. Baxter Sawmill Road is listed as a more difficult trail and it was a night and day difference from the Uinta's. I can't wait for our next trip! Our next outing was to the Living Planet Aquarium. Quinton was a stinker the entire time (no real nap the previous 2 days and he's cutting teeth), but Emma enjoyed all of the fish and seeing her friend Libby.

Put on your glasses and helmets! Lets go for a RIDE!

Takin' a lunch break (this is where we should have turned around and gone back to the main trail)

Finally off the awful trail!

No more show room clean here :)

Corey, Emma and Quinton at Hardware Ranch.

Heading up Baxter Sawmill Rd.

Pictures can't capture the awesome views

Takin' a break on the trail. Quinton's face is priceless!

A water fall off of Ant Flat Road. Not sure what river/creek this is, but it was FULL!

My babies on a bullfrog (The Aquarium)

Mom! Look at the Jellyfish!

A Lionfish

I loved this sign. Seahorses are the only animal where the male is pregnant!

This is what Emma and I would look like to a snake :)